Hedgefacts core

HedgeFacts Core is the central hub from which you manage and control all of your alternative investment products, operate your books and records, and generate and schedule reports.

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HedgeFacts Workstation

An integral part of the HedgeFacts suite of applications, the HedgeFacts Workstation provides essential middle office functions such as trade blotter/capture, order allocation, trade and position reconciliation.

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Evaluate performance and manage risk using multiple methods such as Value at Risk, Stress Scenarios, Drill-down Attribution, and Performance Time Series Analysis across any fund, managed account, investor, and trader/strategy.

hedgefacts live

Instantly review both performance and exposure across an array of accounts, traders, or aggregated groups of traders in a totally flexible and customizable interface. A drill-down pivot table style interface lets you monitor exposure at the sector, product or instrument level.

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hedgefacts PORTAL

Customizable portal solutions built for the alternative investment industry that help you automate and manage all of your data, then deliver cutting edge analysis to your clients. Built on HedgeFacts fully automated, highly scalable, and secure Business Logic Server.

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HedgeFacts Business
Logic Server

Automated straight through processing of trade and accounting data, layered with a comprehensive API serving accounting, performance, position, and risk data to standard or custom applications, all delivered as a secure hosted cloud solution.

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Outsourced Back &
Middle Office

Easily scale your operations by making HedgeFacts your co-sourced or fully outsourced partner providing institutional quality back and middle office functions. Don’t let your operational scale limit your firm’s growth potential.

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Monthly Performance & Shadow Accounting

HedgeFacts experienced team, rigorous procedures, automated checks and reconciliations, ensure you have utmost confidence in the performance you present to investors or use to drive your analysis.

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