Hedgefacts business logic server

HedgeFacts Business Logic Server is the ultimate cloud platform from which to serve your needs for customized reporting, investment data archiving, supporting reference data, and sophisticated analytics calculations. This comprehensive platform can help you meet a variety of needs ranging from custom position and exposure reporting, risk data on demand, processed fund, account, and investor/shareholder performance, and even initiating operations such as trade capture and order allocation. Further, it leverages components of the HedgeFacts architecture such as the Market Library (security master) and Exception Management Dashboard to ensure data is of the highest quality and flows seamlessly letting you focus on your end user applications.

Key Highlights

  • Redundant data quality checks on incoming broker data and security master pricing
  • An easy to use application programming interface (API) on which you or HedgeFacts team can build customized reporting solutions
  • Institutional quality cloud architecture helping you meet the highest recoverability and security standards
  • Massive scope of capabilities for requesting sophisticated data and analysis ranging from risk models and portfolio accounting data to loading and allocating trade records
  • Scalability to deal with thousands of accounts or hundreds of thousands of trades suitable for a rapidly growing asset manager or financial institution

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