Hedgefacts core

At the heart of the HedgeFacts’ suite is HedgeFacts Core. A hub of accounting, set-up, workflow/processing, and reporting information is where you control and source virtually any piece of data about your firm that you could ever need. Replicate your fund structure for shadow accounting, manage and audit user access, monitor file processing, select reports, and schedule delivery. Instantaneously view any of your imported broker data, returns for any investment vehicle, or even your books and records.

Generating investment returns in sufficiently challenging – with HedgeFacts Core you will have confidence in knowing that you have total lockdown on the quality on all of your back office data and accounting processes

Key Highlights

  • Innovative structure diagrams provide flow chart style visual representations of any fund or managed account structure including capital levels, shareholder participation levels, and income flows
  • Total access to all account data and performance information including an intuitive user interface that lets you toggle between broker statements, daily returns, monthly performance schedules and the set-up information with a single click
  • Library of over 100 reports covering a range of topics including daily and monthly performance (e.g. 13-column report), trade and position reconciliation, risk and performance (e.g. VaR, tear sheets), financial statements, and audit trail (e.g. user access, entries)

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