Hedgefacts live

HedgeFacts Live arms you with minute by minute updated exposure and profit/loss (“P&L”) information. While other software packages may have intra-day P&L features – HedgeFacts scope of investment vehicle support and multi-tiered architecture means you can monitor simultaneously any number of managed accounts, funds, or composites throughout the day. Our intuitive pivot table style user interface and custom templates means you get to choose which exposure or P&L metrics are important to you whether it’s net option Greeks exposures (e.g. net delta position), sector or market based netting of exposures, or even collapsing multiple accounts or traders into firm wide net exposures and P&L.

Equally important as the immense our scope of intra-day analysis is the fact that you know the data is accurate and up to date because HedgeFacts Live sits atop the HedgeFacts Business Logic Server books and records.

Key Highlights

  • Customizable pivot table style views of one or multiple portfolios including funds, managed accounts, advisor/strategies or aggregated composites of any of the above
  • Drill-down and aggregation capabilities to monitor exposure and performance throughout the day at the manager, sector, product, and position level
  • Dynamic ability to view broker statement or manager trade blotter based position and P&L information
  • Ideal for asset allocators, proprietary group managers, and other investors in alternatives needing to monitor the performance and risk of several separately managed accounts on an individual and aggregated basis at any moment throughout the day

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