Hedgefacts portal

HedgeFacts Portal provides asset managers, financial institutions, and brokers an ideal software infrastructure to deliver performance reports, analytics, and account information either to external clients or internal consumers. Benefit from state of the art back office automation, powered by the HedgeFacts Business Logic Server, giving you the scalability and performance to report to dozens or even thousands of clients and colleagues. HedgeFacts Portal is also highly customizable allowing you to provide a depth and scope of reporting and analysis that best suits your clients’ needs ranging from daily performance reports to sophisticated risk analytics.

Key Highlights

  • Rich browser based software interface with customizable reporting and analytics delivered to your clients
  • Performance reporting and analysis tools such as P&L attribution by sector, product, market, or position
  • Operations support including highly automated trade and position reconciliation across multiple accounts
  • On–demand Risk Analytics such as Value-at-Risk supporting analysis at the account, advisor, or aggregated across several investments
  • Scalable architecture suited to a range of firms from asset managers to financial institutions with thousands of accounts
  • Highly automated back office processing fully integrated with the HedgeFacts Market Library Security Master and HedgeFacts Business Logic Server
  • Integrated administrative tools to create, assign, manage, and monitor user access to the HedgeFacts Portal

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