Hedgefacts workstation

World class operations with a highly automated middle office is within reach. HedgeFacts Workstation provides a foundation for managing your portfolio with its wide array of middle office functionality. Initiate requests to futures exchanges for seamless trade capture. Reconcile trades and positions in all of your accounts with a few clicks. Allocate trades and then notify brokers, clients, and counterparties.

Using HedgeFacts Workstation helps you optimize your middle office processes while minimizing operational risk. It’s fully integrated with the HedgeFacts hosted Market Library database and leverages the HedgeFacts Business Logic Server so you can be confident you are working with the most timely and accurate data.

Key Highlights

  • Dynamic trade blotter to view all of your transactions by account or strategy (return stream)
  • Load and view an electronic version of you broker clearing statement for any date on demand
  • Initiate trade capture from exchanges, files of your specification, or via the HedgeFacts API
  • Allocate bunched order trades using a variety of standard and innovative methods including Average Price, High-Low, and various Position Rebalancing routines
  • Easily reconcile trades, positions, and P&L between broker data and the trade blotter and highlight exceptions for any (or all) accounts
  • Monitor position tracking error across several accounts to ensure clients have the appropriate position size and as a result minimize the difference in returns across accounts
  • Design and build trade report templates to notify clients, brokers, and counterparties of trading activity

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