Monthly performance & Shadow accounting

Communicate your performance with confidence to clients, colleagues, and potential investors via HedgeFacts fund shadow accounting or managed account performance reporting services. We integrate the best attributes of expert human experience and analysis with automated software based reconciliation templates and exception management tools to produce the highest quality output in timeframes that are among the fastest in the industry.

Despite having a highly automated software platform we make sure we retain the personal touch. Have a question or a problem? Pick up the phone and you can always reach one of our staff of analysts in North America or Europe.

Key Highlights

  • Full monthly reconciliation of broker statements to HedgeFacts data to ensure all income has been accurately captured
  • Monthly performance schedules including 13-column reports and NAV statements
  • Shadow books and records for funds including financial statements such as the General Ledger, Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Reconciliation of HedgeFacts accounting records to 3rd party fund administrators
  • Fee calculation and reports including management fees and incentive fees/high water marks
  • Full audit trail reporting of all sources of income and user journal entries and postings

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