HedgeFacts provides investors in alternatives with unparalleled risk transparency and exposure reporting capabilities across individual manager allocations and aggregate portfolios of multiple investments. Further you will be able to monitor investments across a range of metrics such as Value at Risk, drill down profit/loss attribution, market stress scenarios, performance statistics, liquidity, and leverage to ensure you have covered nearly every dimension of risk and performance. Equally critical is that these capabilities are delivered on the highest quality database of positions and performance information whose processes are fully automated and highly integrated with each application in the HedgeFacts suite.

What this all means is that you will have the information and control to operate confidently knowing that you won’t get blindsided by any of your portfolio allocations for lack of data.

Key Highlights for Asset Allocators & Fund of Funds include:

  • Statistical risk metrics such as Delta-Gamma or Monte Carlo VaR with for support for non-linear instruments (options)
  • Innovative methods for decomposing VaR across multiple managers within a total portfolio of allocations that considers cross correlations between underlying portfolios
  • Red Flag and Live Dashboards to constantly monitor position exposures and highlight breaches of risk and performance limits across more than 75 metrics
  • Timely and accurate performance information derived from HedgeFacts fully integrated back office and shadow accounting capabilities for both funds and managed accounts
  • Massive library of performance, analytics, and accounting reports that can be delivered automatically through HedgeFacts scheduled reports console
  • Secure and multi-tiered user access and audit trail so you can feel confident in deploying HedgeFacts across your entire organization
  • Ongoing and timely access to our experienced team of accounting and risk analysts with North American and European coverage

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