Sophisticated, customizable services for investors and investment managers

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HedgeFacts delivers the industry’s leading risk,middle and back office solutions

As needs of investment firms evolve in scope and breadth, more effective, scalable and cost-efficient solutions are required for analytics, middle office, and back office operations.

HedgeFacts offers award winning software and services, each customizable to provide you with the optimal solution.

A comprehensive range of SSAE 18 SOC-quality services
End-to-end-integrated software
Outsourced analytics, middle office, and back office operations
Customization and continuous improvements

HedgeFacts services meet the highest industry standards and the unique needs of each client. Our solutions power expert risk, attribution and performance analytics, precise and accurate reporting, the preparation of investment information, and other middle and back office functions. Our software, services and facilities adhere to the highest controls standards, and accord with SSAE 18 SOC1 standards, SOC 2 standards and SOC 3 data security standards.

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Since 2003 HedgeFacts solutions are supported by a proprietary, integrated, scalable, and adaptable software system developed in-house – the backbone of the HedgeFacts Nested Software Service. The cost-efficient HedgeFacts Nested Software Service includes a license for the software system and ancillary services.

HedgeFacts Concierge Outsource Service includes analytics, middle office, and back office operations and reporting. This service optimizes a client’s total cost for analytics, middle office, and back office, increases efficiency, and frees up more time for core investment activities.

HedgeFacts’ in-house continuous development of improvements and customization delivers solutions that satisfy both standard and client-specific needs. As a client’s business changes, HedgeFacts can harmonize its software and its services to satisfy new and emerging requirements.