HedgeFacts Empowers Investment Firms and Investors

The HedgeFacts story began in 2003 with the development of a proprietary, end-to-end-integrated, and user-friendly software system to meet the needs of the middle and back offices of alternative investment managers of managed accounts and hedge funds using different investment strategies, such as statistical arbitrage and global macro. The development plan provided that the scope and structure of the software system be scalable and quickly adaptable to the individual investment strategies and/or investment vehicles of each of our clients.

Our collaborative relationships with our clients also resulted in our broad and sophisticated understanding of the needs of investment managers with portfolios composed of actively traded commodity and/or energy-related investment instruments. HedgeFacts is a recognized premier supplier of analytics, middle office, and back office services to such managers.

HedgeFacts’ comprehensive services for investment managers, hedge funds, fund of funds, CTAs, CPOs, and family offices have been extended and enriched by constructive relationships with HedgeFacts’ clients. A collaborative approach is HedgeFacts’ continuing guiding philosophy in its relationships with each and every client.

We continue to extend the scope of our services through continuous improvement and an ongoing development process for HedgeFacts software and services. This time-tested process expedites the delivery of analytics, middle office and back office capabilities to clients. Our experienced and talented team of specialized service technologists, software engineers and proprietary award-winning solutions anchor the HedgeFacts commitment to each client.