Software Tools



Continuous improvements via an in-house development process provide new tools that extend the scope and depth of HedgeFacts systems. HedgeFacts software tools are the robust and reliable workhorses that ensure the automation and effectiveness of data analysis, verification, reconciliation, shadow NAV, period end reports and other essential functions of analytics, middle office, and back office operations.

HedgeFacts toolkit include:



HedgeFacts’ portfolio and shareholder accounting tools include full general ledger and trial balance capabilities to provide financial statements for any investment vehicle. Other capabilities include shadow accounting, daily returns, monthly/year-end financial statements, and shareholder accounts.

Risk management

HedgeFacts Analytics include VaR modeling, scenario modeling, stress testing, red flag compliance dashboards, risk limits, risk exposures (option Greeks), synthetic pricing versus actual market pricing flexibility, configurable portfolio exposure, seven-factor modeling, margin analyses, and monitoring tools.

Portfolio management

HedgeFacts tools provide prompt, accurate, and clear reports to portfolio managers, using multiple sources of asset class information. This capability is supported by HedgeFacts’ market library, in which multiple-source data are aggregated. Related software includes different tools for assessing realized and/or unrealized trading gains/losses, different tax and withholding tax treatments, and other portfolio assessment needs, plus corporate actions reporting.

Live profit and loss (P&L)

HedgeFacts Live has a P&L feature that provides live positions and P&L attribution with portfolio exposures. P&L monitoring for compliance purposes is available through a dashboard and related email notifications.

Live risk

HedgeFacts Live Risk is a customizable capability that investment managers or investors can use to create dashboards combining position, exposure, and performance information. The HedgeFacts Live Alert feature provides an investment manager or investor with the capability to define criteria for exception reports to manage risk by monitoring drawdowns, position losses, liquidity, and other metrics.


Comprehensive reporting provides two-way and three-way reconciliations of trades, positions, cash, commissions, OMS data, and NAV data. Data from HedgeFacts’ books and from an investment manager’s or investor’s books are reconciled with broker data. HedgeFacts NAV assessments are reconciled with a fund administrator’s NAV data.

Order management

The Order Management System provides a comprehensive suite of features for pre-trade checks, order sizing, order execution and monitoring of trade orders.


HedgeFacts’ systems include security safeguard features. A client can elect to have a two-factor, three-factor, or four-factor authentication code for access to client data. That access control is just one element of HedgeFacts’ defense system for protecting the integrity of clients’ data.